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Steel constructions & Pipelines

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We do manning of high profile specialists: welders, steel / hull fitters, pipe fitters, valve fitters and mechanical fitters on various projects for maintenance, modernization, conversion. Our welders are approved with major qualification societies like BV, DNV, INSPECTA.

We are concerned of performance quality and continuously seek to upgrade the skills of our manpower, when necessary providing proper training and attestation to ensure the best qualification of the employees. On completion of training appropriate EU certificates are issued.


Shiprepair & Conversion

The Company's experience acquired in many extensive hull repair and conversion projects, mounting and installation of ships pipelines, valves, hydraulic systems, heat exchangers and auxiliary boilers.
In ship repair we perform full scope of refits and repair works on vessels' hull structure and systems including pipelines, valves, hydraulics, heat exchangers, exhaust gas economizers and auxiliary boilers. Experiences with diverse machinery and sandblasting jobs. Special department for ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Company continuously upgrades its expertise and expands the activity through application of newest technologies.



With sufficient experience, JSC TALASA cooperates with shipbuilding and ship repair yards of Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and major shipyards in Lithuania, including SC "BALTIJA" SHIPBUILDING YARD, SC "WESTERN SHIPYARD", JSC "KLAIPEDA SHIP REPAIR". Our performance skills, ability and professional qualification have been recognized by many reputed customers.


Industrial construction

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION - construction (fabrication and installation), maintenance and service of energy, oil & gas, chemical plants and terminals:

  • construction of steel parts and units for any possible industry application (columns, towers, piping lines, supports etc);
  • construction/erection of large-scale tanks and reservoirs ranged 500 to 50000 m³ on sites of operation;
  • construction and installation of pipelines and pipeline units of any dimension and purpose, including further assembly and installation on site;
  • construction, mounting and maintenance of technological facilities and structures: separators, exchangers, condensers and evaporators, coolers, compressors, steam generators, boilers, pumps, electrolytic units, maintenance of gas turbines (up to 300 MW) and auxiliary equipment.


Technological construction

Technological construction group started to work in objects of energetic, oil-chemical industry, food companies and other. Steam and Water heating Boilers, equipment of gas compression, heat and cold exchangers, high-efficiency cold generators – this is just part of activities where UAB TALASA performs.


We manufacture all sort of pipelines from stainless steel and black metal, polyethylene and aluminum, oil product suppliers and steam lines, greasing or refrigeration systems for industry, we build vacuum and self-flow discharge pipelines, pipelines with any diameters in range from 20 mm to 1800 mm. Our work implies the quality, complexity and even design of works.



  • Ship repair & conversion
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industrial construction
  • Technological construction, piplines
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Company TALASA offers permanent jobs for skilled:

  • steelworkers
  • hull /plate fitters
  • pipe fitters
  • mechanical fitters and welders

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